30 Times People Were Hilariously Surprised By Bathroom Mirror Designs

Taking care of err your business is not the only reason beings call the restroom – sometimes we just want to take a look at ourselves in the reflect and maybe even do some light-headed primping. Regrettably , not every bathroom mirror is created equal or even in a way that obligates scheme sense.

Bored Panda has curated a index of the most bizarre bathroom mirrors that warranted a shower selfie to show off just how strange the reflections were. From comical placements starting quirky optical illusion, to mirror encloses without glass, to inconvenient placements, we aren't sure how helpful these reflects are but they sure are entertaining.

# 1 When You're Feeling Great But Your Hotel Mirror Puts You Back In Check

The reflects we have come to know and obsessively stare at today began in Germany about 200 years ago, but the very first pondering fragments got their start much earlier. According to image scientist Dr. Jay Enoch banked a review in the magazine Optometry and Vision Science, parties in Anatolia — modern-day Turkey — constructed the first mirrors about 8,000 years ago from polished obsidian( volcanic glass ).

# 2 I'm Not Sure How To Tell This To Mom, But This Is A Actually Awkward Place To Put A Mirror

# 3 The Bathroom At A Brewery Has This Where You'd Expect A Mirror. Brilliant

In Mesopotamia( now Iraq) and Egypt from 4000 to 3000 B.C mirrors began to appear, made out of improved copper. About 1,000 several years later, around the world, parties began developing their own versions of reflects. In Central and South America began to create reflects from polished stone, and Chinese and Indian mirror makes framed them from bronze.

# 4 Great Mirror Placement At My New Place

# 5 Installed The Bathroom Mirrors, Boss

While throughout the senilities each culture established their own version of the reflect, Dr. Enoch records that mood was the true inventor, “The very first mirrors most probably were placid kitties of irrigate and cliff or clay containers of water.”

# 6 This Bathroom's Mirrors Are Sunglasses

# 7 Found A Mirror That Was Split In Two And I Couldn't Resist Taking A Picture

So what about the glass reflects that became very the staple in every house and bathroom? Roman author Pliny the Elder alluded to the firstly glass reflect in his encyclopedia Natural History during the firstly century A.D, nonetheless, they did not can be classified into extrapolated operation during this time.

# 8 When There's No Mirror In The Bathroom

# 9 That's Just Unfortunate Mirror Placement

In 1835, German chemist Justus von Liebig developed the technique that would become the foundation for mass reflect creation. His process was simple, apply a thin bed of metal silver-tongued on one side of a clear glass pane. Liebig's innovation was soon accommodated and improved upon paving the style for some truly unique designs.

#10 The Walls In My Girlfriend's Bathroom Are All Mirrors

#11 My Dad Redid My Bathroom And The Mirror Didn't Ship Yet So He Hung Up One Of My Selfies On The Wall

#12 Bathroom Mirror At A Bar In Italy

#13 This Damn Mirror

#14 This Hotel Has A Mirror On A Mirror. Just … Why?

#15 Love My Bathroom Mirror

#16 I'm An Expat In The Netherlands. They're The Tallest People In The World. This Is My New Bathroom Mirror

#17 Bathroom Mirror Selfie

#18 This Mirror At My School

#19 This Mirror Makes It Look Like The Entire Bathroom Is In The Tub

#20 Great! I Can Watcu Myself Poop In 500 Different Dimensions

#21 This Really “Artsy” Mirror At A Fancy Restaurant

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#23 This Hotel Mirror

#24 Why Do They Always Do That?

#25 Mum Has Written All Over The Bathroom Mirror

#26 These Mirrors Are Exactly The Wrong Height For Me

#27 Portrait In Bathroom Mirror( s)

#28 Self Portrait

#29 “That's What's Missing – A Ceiling Mirror! Why Hasn't Anyone Thought Of This Before? ”

#30 This Totally Unnecessary Bullsh* t On This Mirror

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